Good Fences?

Let´s start with the blogging. I have no idea what i want to blog about so i learn my writing skills with daily Promot. I´m not english speaking person. Honestly i never been in England or America. The language i learned was thorught Video Games and Internet Sites. I am currently living in Germany and going to start Studies next year 🙂

So let´s start with my Daily Promt!

I am living in a family house. I should see my neighbors very often, but im not. I see them sometimes when i come back from Language Course, but i just say “hi” and move on. I dont have any contact with them. I dont even know their names. The only man i know is House Master. I guess they are busy working all the time. Or maybe im here to short? Maybe one day i´m going to met them?

Are those neighbors better than  the bad one? Speaking of neighbors…

Theres a film comming this Year about them!

Starring…  Zac Efron! I love movies. Honestly. I could watch them everyday. I was a movie and tv shows freak before, but later i got bored. At the moment i see movies just in Cinema, because i like the quality there =)

Oh and the flashback of Breaking Bad! Hilarious!


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