Let´s be friends

Really! Let´s do it!

I´m a very social person. I love to meet new people. Thats why i learned two extra languages. To met new people. Well maybe i am going to learn Chinese (Mandarin). But that´s kinda hard for an European Guy like me 🙂

I am very social but… Lonely. The number of Friends on Facebook doesn´t matter. You can have 1000 friends. In fact you can have bound with maximal 148 people. That´s called a Dunbar´s number. Well i got over 180 friends but i speak maybe with 20? I could delete them… but i can´t… I´m not a bad person. It´s not like if you delete a “friend” you´re a bad Person. I mean that the other could be little sad about it. Don´t you think?

So i try to met new people. You should too. It´s hard. I know. But be more open. Be more sociable.

Some people ask me. How i manage to have good contact with so many people.The answer is easy.

I write to them.

To people to which i want to speak. It´s nothing to be ashamed of. One of my friends asked me, why nobody writes to her despite she have so many friends on facebook. She just add everyone and is little scared to write to her “friends”. She doesnt even write to me frist. I need to do it. After it we have always a good conversation.

You should do it to 🙂


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