I Did it My Way, because i wanted to

I´m a complicated person. I make a lot of choices. What bread should i take today? Normal or Onion Bread? Or maybe rolls? At the end i make cereal with milk… Yes. We make as people a lot of choices. It´s almost like an algorythm. If we choose one way there is no way back. We can`t save or load the game. We just live and go on. But the “eating problem” is not the only problem with which people fight everyday. There are biggers problems. Like… should i marry this Woman? That´s a hard decission mate. I think you should think. We have brains. It´s good to train our brains. Play some chees for example. In this game you need to be 4-5 moves before your opponent. If you make a single mistake… you lose. Well life is harder. Life is Life. Take your choices, risk, play fair, hope, love and give your best.

What were my life choices? The hard one?

I moved to Germany. It´s like a big step. I needed to learn a new language. Had to leave my family, my friends. Start a new Life. With new opportunities. I choose a new way in my life. I am going this way. Making little steps and going forward.

I made a bad moves to. Like runining away from school and being a very bad person to my teacher. Well it was in Groundschool. I was a bad Kid… really. But kids, are just kids. Right? I went into multpile fights in Gymnasium. And there was a bigger one too. The last one. I went into a Pogo Dance and broke my leg. I went to another Pogo dance ( one year after it) and broke my Phone.

That were the bad moves. But i made a little moves too. I spoke to a lot of grils. I found my courage and just did it. Sometimes it went bad… but the other one went good and i made new friends 🙂 One of the girls i met was my Girl for the Prom Ball.

So… Just do it! Take your chances. Make your moves. Live!


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