Movies in 2014


Let´s start with something Hard. Like really hard. Well, movies aren´t that blasphemous as before. Well we, as vierwers don´t take them like our Parents. Those standards changed. Some scenes doesn´t offend us anymore. It´s just a movie, it´s just Music. We are diffrent. Diffrent as People. And our kids are going to be diffrent too.


Delivery Man

Second Movie. Something which is good to see, just because you like sometime to watch a “soft movie”. Well this trailer made me curious. This amount of kids? Really? Well seems like we have a Problem here! 🙂


August Osage County

Family Movie. Something for a lazy sunday afternoon. Well i don´t like this kind of films, but the cast is great! Meryl Streep? Julia Roberts? Well i think i am going to watch that movie. Not because i am interested, not because of plot, just to see old movie divas.



There is no cast. Almost no cast. There is one man. One man who tells the whole story. A story of a lonely man who is in love with… a Computer. That´s are this kind of movies which i can watch all the time. Where one person is doing everything. You can almost feel like this person. Of course there are other actors. Like two or three, but that´s it. I need to see this because i would like to know how the story ends 🙂


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