I am motivated

But scared.

I like perfection. But it’s kinda hard to write in diffrent language. You are not sure if you make mistakes or not. I try to read a lot of articles in English. I like this language because of the globality. Everyone know it. Well… almost. But it’s pretty popular. Isn’t it?

It opens a lot of more doors. You can write to much more people. Nobody is perfect, but i try to be Perfect Everyday.

How many people can see my post? How can i reach to all the people? Do i need to be shiny? Like a star? Why i want to reach with my words to them?

Well. History shows that everyone wanted to have their 5 minutes. Wanted to be the one who got their words on the first page. Now we have the possiblity. We can write and share with everyone our feelings, our mood and what else. We are the new generation of people, who are all the time conected into a global village. We are bound with invisible rope, and we can’t escape.

So i start again. I want to write better everyday. And i hope that one day… i will be happy with it. Now i am just learning.

That’s my only excuse.

I want to be a better person everyday!

That´s true. Who doesn´t? I get more experience, skills, new data. I get as much i can from the internet. I read books, newspaper, online sites. But how to find the good way?

I am lazy person. I have been bad person before. I mean not that bad. But i had problems with motivation, I couldn´t end some things. I didnt think before posting something in internet. All i made was bad. It´s still is… One day i am going to be ashamed of my posts. That they were bad quality. I made a page back in the 2008. It was deleted. I don´´t know why. But i could with the web archive find those posts, news, arcticles… They were bad. Really bad. I made in 2011 a website about learning guitar. It was better, but when i read it today i want to delete it all and write again. We as human evolve every day. That´s a beautiful thing. We gather information and share it with the world. Some of us are better experienced and want to teach. Some want to learn. But often it is so that later from student we become teacher. And this way the world goes on.

With the new technology we have more ways to learn. We get better methods. We can share it with everyone and be a sharer too!

Listen, Learn and Share!

The Sound of Silence

Everybody knows the Song! I can even play it on guitar and know the vocal notes. But that´s not what about i wanna write about. I love music. I can´t live without it… but there are days when i want to hear nothing. I just want to hear silence. I know a lot of tracks. I know a lot of songs on guitar, but sometimes it is just boring. I love when i discover a new artist. I know old bands. I know new ones. But is something popular, good? Mostly, yes. They have good production. A lot of people working on the Promotion, Live Gigs, new Albums. Music teachers! Music designers, people who write texts. It´s not the same music as before. There are little bands too! They write their songs, say whats on their mind. Create music! Everything is ok. I love to discover them. It´s something fresh.

What was my biggest discover? Danger Mouse! If you like Jack White and Norah Jones you gonna love the “Rome” album!

So… i got a lot of playlist on Spotify. Tons of it. But i don´t like them! I heard all like 10 times! I know… 30 years ago you had  5 CD with music and you listened to them all the time. Guess what! I got these albums too, but i got bored of them. I am listening to music since i am kid. I started to listening to everything in 2009.I started to love music. Every aspect of it. I started to play guitar. Two years later i started to sing. I created bands. I met people. It was a “new” me. I started to be more social. And i liked it!

I got problems with sharing music. I feel all the time like i am not good enought. That my music isn´t mastered. I share some work at YT, but sometimes i am ashame of it. I dream to create tracks like in studio. Well… i need stuff for it. I am collecting my equpiment now. I got little more money now, so one day… i hope i create a little homestudio 🙂

And there will never be silence.

Pokemon Online

Like Real Online Pokemon with 40k players playing in the same time!


The only problem is… there is only one character 🙂

That game idea was great! Really. Connecting the game chat with the keys isn´t that hard.

What were the most player problems?

Route 9:#


What is going to be players problem?


I hope they gonna make it!


Do we need money?

Well. Yes!

How we know something is expensive? We need to see the difference first. There are no expensive goods if there aren´t cheap ones. I am always wondering, why are people running for money? It´s important to live. Yes! I know it! And if we have much we want always more. More money. More goods. More houses. But people are forgetting. It doesn´t matter what you got. What does matter is what you know. If you are a smart guy you can get money faster.

What does it mean someone is smart?

To be smart you need to read a lot of books first. Books. I love books! How can i describe a person? I just need to look on the bookshelf. What does this kind of person likes to read? Well… if he\she doesn´t read anything, or have never read a book in his\her life, than probably the person can´t talk very well. Bookaholics are great People! It´s interesting to speak with them. They have always a topic. Well… in books are a lot of dialogues. That can help in developing a conversation flow. Books are great! They open new Worlds. You meet new People! And you don´t even have to leave the House 🙂

If you are a Wise Guy you can get a good paid Job. It´s simple. Master in something. Read a lot of books. Like math books. Don´t like math? Read Fantasy books and start to draw. A lot of Fantasy Freaks have great imagination. That can help in simple life. Everything you do has a mirrored picture in your life.  Everything you do creates a new you!

What about money? Money doesn´t matter! Do what you like and be happy with it. Money comes. Not now. Not tommorow. But one day…

Vale… not!

I know that it´s today. The day of all lovers. And guess what? I´m happy! I am enjoying their happines. I know that one day i am going to be happy too, so why destroy their happy moment? It´s a very boring topic anyway. I am not going to talk about it. There are better topics than Valentines.

Dreams! Everybody has them. I want to share my art with others. I´m a bad artist at the moment. Well… i can play guitar. I think i am good with it. I am playing 5 years already. Everyday. It was the first thing with which i started and i enjoyed from the beginning. I love music. I love to create something. I developed a very good “ear”. Yeah! Everyone can make music. I rememeber that i couldnt play and i was very bad at it. But i didin´t gave up and i am happy with it. I experienced every moment of it and shaped the “thing”.

What is the “thing”? It´s something that you get if you are very good at something and can share with other people. You know that you spend a lot of time mastering in “this” skill and you know that you can be good at everything. The only thing you need to do is to practice. As much as you can. Everyday. At least one hour a day.

I am not going to give up with guitar. But i am thinking of starting digitial drawing or programming. I did it before. I know C++, little Java and little C# but i was more focused on music than those skills. I drawed before. I made animations, drawed characters (mostly). But i didn´t gave all myself for it. I started with music. I was focused mostly on it. And i did it! I mastered this skill. I can play more, but the problem is… i can´t find a band. There are people who play guitar, drums, bass, but they are beginners. They don`t have the factor X. They don´t give full heart for it. They just want to be famous, get girls, get money. Well… music is not that about.

Movies in 2014


Let´s start with something Hard. Like really hard. Well, movies aren´t that blasphemous as before. Well we, as vierwers don´t take them like our Parents. Those standards changed. Some scenes doesn´t offend us anymore. It´s just a movie, it´s just Music. We are diffrent. Diffrent as People. And our kids are going to be diffrent too.


Delivery Man

Second Movie. Something which is good to see, just because you like sometime to watch a “soft movie”. Well this trailer made me curious. This amount of kids? Really? Well seems like we have a Problem here! 🙂


August Osage County

Family Movie. Something for a lazy sunday afternoon. Well i don´t like this kind of films, but the cast is great! Meryl Streep? Julia Roberts? Well i think i am going to watch that movie. Not because i am interested, not because of plot, just to see old movie divas.



There is no cast. Almost no cast. There is one man. One man who tells the whole story. A story of a lonely man who is in love with… a Computer. That´s are this kind of movies which i can watch all the time. Where one person is doing everything. You can almost feel like this person. Of course there are other actors. Like two or three, but that´s it. I need to see this because i would like to know how the story ends 🙂

Funny Wednesday

So. I´m not going only to blog about things. Yes of course i am going to tell some motivating Stories from my life. That you shouldn`t give up and this kind of Stuff. I love to read stories like this too. But i am going to show you things which made me smile. For a moment… for a minute… for a second. To be happy person is a very important thing in our lives… so here it goes!

Number One. Not because it´s the best. It´s because i saw it first 🙂

I have accent too! A lot of people ask me if i am French because i can´t spell the letter “R” right 🙂 Well this video is more funny because of the laught than the accent 😀 But the acting is great!

Number Two


Good ol´ Flappy Bird. Well i heard about it a week ago but the viral thing about the game went craze. Everyone wanted to play this game because it made people angry. Well… it´s seems people like hard games. Check Dark Souls if you want a challange.

Number Three

I can´t stop laughing. This game… this soundtrack… It´s insane. I have no idea who invented the game. And where the idea came from. Really. Someone must have kind of crazy imagination.

Number Four



Belive. Do you see me in 2011? Do you see me now? Just stay motivated. Stay focused. Stay fit. Exercise four times a week. And don´t forget about legs!

Number Five



Awww. This is co cute! Pandas love balls. Seems like she liked it to much :3

And here it goes… the Kangaroo!



Well it seems that the game is over…

I Did it My Way, because i wanted to

I´m a complicated person. I make a lot of choices. What bread should i take today? Normal or Onion Bread? Or maybe rolls? At the end i make cereal with milk… Yes. We make as people a lot of choices. It´s almost like an algorythm. If we choose one way there is no way back. We can`t save or load the game. We just live and go on. But the “eating problem” is not the only problem with which people fight everyday. There are biggers problems. Like… should i marry this Woman? That´s a hard decission mate. I think you should think. We have brains. It´s good to train our brains. Play some chees for example. In this game you need to be 4-5 moves before your opponent. If you make a single mistake… you lose. Well life is harder. Life is Life. Take your choices, risk, play fair, hope, love and give your best.

What were my life choices? The hard one?

I moved to Germany. It´s like a big step. I needed to learn a new language. Had to leave my family, my friends. Start a new Life. With new opportunities. I choose a new way in my life. I am going this way. Making little steps and going forward.

I made a bad moves to. Like runining away from school and being a very bad person to my teacher. Well it was in Groundschool. I was a bad Kid… really. But kids, are just kids. Right? I went into multpile fights in Gymnasium. And there was a bigger one too. The last one. I went into a Pogo Dance and broke my leg. I went to another Pogo dance ( one year after it) and broke my Phone.

That were the bad moves. But i made a little moves too. I spoke to a lot of grils. I found my courage and just did it. Sometimes it went bad… but the other one went good and i made new friends 🙂 One of the girls i met was my Girl for the Prom Ball.

So… Just do it! Take your chances. Make your moves. Live!

Let´s be friends

Really! Let´s do it!

I´m a very social person. I love to meet new people. Thats why i learned two extra languages. To met new people. Well maybe i am going to learn Chinese (Mandarin). But that´s kinda hard for an European Guy like me 🙂

I am very social but… Lonely. The number of Friends on Facebook doesn´t matter. You can have 1000 friends. In fact you can have bound with maximal 148 people. That´s called a Dunbar´s number. Well i got over 180 friends but i speak maybe with 20? I could delete them… but i can´t… I´m not a bad person. It´s not like if you delete a “friend” you´re a bad Person. I mean that the other could be little sad about it. Don´t you think?

So i try to met new people. You should too. It´s hard. I know. But be more open. Be more sociable.

Some people ask me. How i manage to have good contact with so many people.The answer is easy.

I write to them.

To people to which i want to speak. It´s nothing to be ashamed of. One of my friends asked me, why nobody writes to her despite she have so many friends on facebook. She just add everyone and is little scared to write to her “friends”. She doesnt even write to me frist. I need to do it. After it we have always a good conversation.

You should do it to 🙂