Personal BLOG

Turns out the idea with drawings didn’t work out.

I think they are lazy. Not professional. Doesn’t fit in style. Duck Style. I need to learn to start posting again.

I mean. Posting regulary. About evertything. About nothing. About my day.

To write my memories down.

To post cool photos from reddit. To post cool videos from youtube.

Just to write.

There are a lot of things

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

I found my motivation in bloging. It’s something you should do everyday. I mean… constantly. It makes you better formulate your words. I can learn english that way. It isnt my native language. It is the way of communitcating with the whole world.

You can blog about anything! Imagine you could tell so little to the rest of the world! Yeah. It’s kinda hard if you speak only one language… But what if you can speak three diffrent languages? It creates new possiblities!

I didin’t know a month ago that i can connect with so many people with so little words.

It helps me stay in focus.

And to be better everyday!

Picture as feature image i made for this post 😉

I failed again

I said to myself i am going to write in english everyday…

But in the past 2 days i didn’t had any idea what should i write. But hey! You can write about anything!

Now i am sitting and thinking about it. I could write at Friday about comics and yesterday about Sony Conference.

Sony users can have now 3 games for free. All the people who have Ps Vita, Ps3 or Ps4. One game for each of these platforms. I am not sure which games but i think it was NFS Most Wanted for Vita, Mirrors Edge for Ps3 and Plants vs zombies for Ps4.

Pretty cool! But my PS Vita memory card has only 4 Gb… I need to buy a new sd card. These are pretty expensive. But buying a cheaper one makes no sense!

Oh! And there was this pretty XX Anniversary of Playstation One! Games were cheaper 🙂

I bought Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot. I am going to have great december 🙂

Last week at the University and i am going back to my homeland 😀


Here is the pic for the blog post 😉


I want to go with the flow

It rhymes so good.

Sometimes i am thinking. What i am doing with my life?

I pick up a lot of Hobbys. But never master them. I try to master them in a short time. But it never works.

If you want to be good at something you have to do it everyday for a very long time. Later you can show off you work.

It worked with guitar. But i don’t play anymore. I feel like i just hit the wall. Big wall of bricks. I can dig a little hole step by step. Dig with my notes and composing music. But it would take so much time! And i felt kinda bored.

I wanted to discover new paths. New paths in my life which would open my mind a little. I was closed just for music for so much time! I started to forget that there are other possibilities. I started to draw. Started programming, checked 3d moddeling.

I am thinking about changing my Path!

And internet is my guide.

I thinked about making it more “acceptable” and decided to overpaint the sketches :

Here is the sketch on my Twitter: SKETCH


I didn’t write for a long time.

I have no excuses.

Maybe a little.

I wasn’t sure if blogging in English language is the good way. I wasn’t really minded for the way of writing. The thing is if i start writing in english i can resonate with more people. I can learn the language. I can try to be better everyday. It’s hard. I know. But why not take a shot?

I wasnt really active in internet community. I was more of a lurking person. Why not change it?

I had the courage to write in my native language… but writing in a different one? Foreign?

In the past year a lot of changes happened.

I am a different person. I learned new skills. These need still to be mastered. But the thing is… i forgot to follow my dreams. I tried to follow dreams of my parents. And i wasn’t really happy with it. It was good… but it wasn’t the way i wanted.

Here i start. Again.

The inspiration to start again was this post on reddit:

I go back from the ashes like a phoenix.

I learned new skills. So i don’t use photos from the internet. I can create my own art 🙂


I know it isn’t great… but i try to master it. To be in this better every day.


I am motivated

But scared.

I like perfection. But it’s kinda hard to write in diffrent language. You are not sure if you make mistakes or not. I try to read a lot of articles in English. I like this language because of the globality. Everyone know it. Well… almost. But it’s pretty popular. Isn’t it?

It opens a lot of more doors. You can write to much more people. Nobody is perfect, but i try to be Perfect Everyday.

How many people can see my post? How can i reach to all the people? Do i need to be shiny? Like a star? Why i want to reach with my words to them?

Well. History shows that everyone wanted to have their 5 minutes. Wanted to be the one who got their words on the first page. Now we have the possiblity. We can write and share with everyone our feelings, our mood and what else. We are the new generation of people, who are all the time conected into a global village. We are bound with invisible rope, and we can’t escape.

So i start again. I want to write better everyday. And i hope that one day… i will be happy with it. Now i am just learning.

That’s my only excuse.