If we want to be good at everthing, we are mostly good at nothing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

I am this kind of person. I started almost everthing. I have no time for myself. I am learning all the time. While writing this post i am learning. What i am learning? English and writing skills. My life is based on the quote “The Only Person You Should Try To Be Better Than Is The Person You Were Yesterday”.

All started in the year 2009. I picked up my guitar. Later i started to draw. I learned a little programming. Switched back to graphic. All my life i played Video Games. Recently i don’t play so much. I started to learn to create games. I am at the beginning of my Journey. There is a lot stuff to learn.

Now i am thinking about learning 3D modelling.

I know it’s the bad way to choose in life. But i am having so much fun!

And guess what. All is not Nothing. It’s always something.


I love School!

And it’s not about all the homework. I hate it. Really. It’s not about all the time i need to get back and forth. I takes a lot of hours. And the waiting for the train and so on…

It’s more about the THING. You can sit in your class or lecture hall and learn or… you can let your imagination work. I think mostly about what i am going to do at home. I learn to… but most of the time these lectures are boring.

I create new Worlds in my brain. It started little. I thought about little elephants running there and there. Later funny things started to happend.  I just sat there and made the world around me live their own lives.

Now i don’t do it anymore. I don’t have to. I can make it in my imagination. Why only use the world around us?

Well… you can’t listen to music. Because the teacher will see it. You can use your notebook, but i try not to use my computer so much lately. The desktop screen makes me kinda tired.

Before i draw a little and made a little poems in my notebook! But… i prefer do it at home 🙂


I want to be a better person everyday!

That´s true. Who doesn´t? I get more experience, skills, new data. I get as much i can from the internet. I read books, newspaper, online sites. But how to find the good way?

I am lazy person. I have been bad person before. I mean not that bad. But i had problems with motivation, I couldn´t end some things. I didnt think before posting something in internet. All i made was bad. It´s still is… One day i am going to be ashamed of my posts. That they were bad quality. I made a page back in the 2008. It was deleted. I don´´t know why. But i could with the web archive find those posts, news, arcticles… They were bad. Really bad. I made in 2011 a website about learning guitar. It was better, but when i read it today i want to delete it all and write again. We as human evolve every day. That´s a beautiful thing. We gather information and share it with the world. Some of us are better experienced and want to teach. Some want to learn. But often it is so that later from student we become teacher. And this way the world goes on.

With the new technology we have more ways to learn. We get better methods. We can share it with everyone and be a sharer too!

Listen, Learn and Share!