I failed again

I said to myself i am going to write in english everyday…

But in the past 2 days i didn’t had any idea what should i write. But hey! You can write about anything!

Now i am sitting and thinking about it. I could write at Friday about comics and yesterday about Sony Conference.

Sony users can have now 3 games for free. All the people who have Ps Vita, Ps3 or Ps4. One game for each of these platforms. I am not sure which games but i think it was NFS Most Wanted for Vita, Mirrors Edge for Ps3 and Plants vs zombies for Ps4.

Pretty cool! But my PS Vita memory card has only 4 Gb… I need to buy a new sd card. These are pretty expensive. But buying a cheaper one makes no sense!

Oh! And there was this pretty XX Anniversary of Playstation One! Games were cheaper 🙂

I bought Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot. I am going to have great december 🙂

Last week at the University and i am going back to my homeland 😀


Here is the pic for the blog post 😉


Pokemon Online

Like Real Online Pokemon with 40k players playing in the same time!


The only problem is… there is only one character 🙂

That game idea was great! Really. Connecting the game chat with the keys isn´t that hard.

What were the most player problems?

Route 9:#


What is going to be players problem?


I hope they gonna make it!


Funny Wednesday

So. I´m not going only to blog about things. Yes of course i am going to tell some motivating Stories from my life. That you shouldn`t give up and this kind of Stuff. I love to read stories like this too. But i am going to show you things which made me smile. For a moment… for a minute… for a second. To be happy person is a very important thing in our lives… so here it goes!

Number One. Not because it´s the best. It´s because i saw it first 🙂

I have accent too! A lot of people ask me if i am French because i can´t spell the letter “R” right 🙂 Well this video is more funny because of the laught than the accent 😀 But the acting is great!

Number Two


Good ol´ Flappy Bird. Well i heard about it a week ago but the viral thing about the game went craze. Everyone wanted to play this game because it made people angry. Well… it´s seems people like hard games. Check Dark Souls if you want a challange.

Number Three

I can´t stop laughing. This game… this soundtrack… It´s insane. I have no idea who invented the game. And where the idea came from. Really. Someone must have kind of crazy imagination.

Number Four



Belive. Do you see me in 2011? Do you see me now? Just stay motivated. Stay focused. Stay fit. Exercise four times a week. And don´t forget about legs!

Number Five



Awww. This is co cute! Pandas love balls. Seems like she liked it to much :3

And here it goes… the Kangaroo!



Well it seems that the game is over…