I didn’t write for a long time.

I have no excuses.

Maybe a little.

I wasn’t sure if blogging in English language is the good way. I wasn’t really minded for the way of writing. The thing is if i start writing in english i can resonate with more people. I can learn the language. I can try to be better everyday. It’s hard. I know. But why not take a shot?

I wasnt really active in internet community. I was more of a lurking person. Why not change it?

I had the courage to write in my native language… but writing in a different one? Foreign?

In the past year a lot of changes happened.

I am a different person. I learned new skills. These need still to be mastered. But the thing is… i forgot to follow my dreams. I tried to follow dreams of my parents. And i wasn’t really happy with it. It was good… but it wasn’t the way i wanted.

Here i start. Again.

The inspiration to start again was this post on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/comments/2livoo/

I go back from the ashes like a phoenix.

I learned new skills. So i don’t use photos from the internet. I can create my own art 🙂


I know it isn’t great… but i try to master it. To be in this better every day.


I am motivated

But scared.

I like perfection. But it’s kinda hard to write in diffrent language. You are not sure if you make mistakes or not. I try to read a lot of articles in English. I like this language because of the globality. Everyone know it. Well… almost. But it’s pretty popular. Isn’t it?

It opens a lot of more doors. You can write to much more people. Nobody is perfect, but i try to be Perfect Everyday.

How many people can see my post? How can i reach to all the people? Do i need to be shiny? Like a star? Why i want to reach with my words to them?

Well. History shows that everyone wanted to have their 5 minutes. Wanted to be the one who got their words on the first page. Now we have the possiblity. We can write and share with everyone our feelings, our mood and what else. We are the new generation of people, who are all the time conected into a global village. We are bound with invisible rope, and we can’t escape.

So i start again. I want to write better everyday. And i hope that one day… i will be happy with it. Now i am just learning.

That’s my only excuse.

The Sound of Silence

Everybody knows the Song! I can even play it on guitar and know the vocal notes. But that´s not what about i wanna write about. I love music. I can´t live without it… but there are days when i want to hear nothing. I just want to hear silence. I know a lot of tracks. I know a lot of songs on guitar, but sometimes it is just boring. I love when i discover a new artist. I know old bands. I know new ones. But is something popular, good? Mostly, yes. They have good production. A lot of people working on the Promotion, Live Gigs, new Albums. Music teachers! Music designers, people who write texts. It´s not the same music as before. There are little bands too! They write their songs, say whats on their mind. Create music! Everything is ok. I love to discover them. It´s something fresh.

What was my biggest discover? Danger Mouse! If you like Jack White and Norah Jones you gonna love the “Rome” album!

So… i got a lot of playlist on Spotify. Tons of it. But i don´t like them! I heard all like 10 times! I know… 30 years ago you had  5 CD with music and you listened to them all the time. Guess what! I got these albums too, but i got bored of them. I am listening to music since i am kid. I started to listening to everything in 2009.I started to love music. Every aspect of it. I started to play guitar. Two years later i started to sing. I created bands. I met people. It was a “new” me. I started to be more social. And i liked it!

I got problems with sharing music. I feel all the time like i am not good enought. That my music isn´t mastered. I share some work at YT, but sometimes i am ashame of it. I dream to create tracks like in studio. Well… i need stuff for it. I am collecting my equpiment now. I got little more money now, so one day… i hope i create a little homestudio 🙂

And there will never be silence.

I Did it My Way, because i wanted to

I´m a complicated person. I make a lot of choices. What bread should i take today? Normal or Onion Bread? Or maybe rolls? At the end i make cereal with milk… Yes. We make as people a lot of choices. It´s almost like an algorythm. If we choose one way there is no way back. We can`t save or load the game. We just live and go on. But the “eating problem” is not the only problem with which people fight everyday. There are biggers problems. Like… should i marry this Woman? That´s a hard decission mate. I think you should think. We have brains. It´s good to train our brains. Play some chees for example. In this game you need to be 4-5 moves before your opponent. If you make a single mistake… you lose. Well life is harder. Life is Life. Take your choices, risk, play fair, hope, love and give your best.

What were my life choices? The hard one?

I moved to Germany. It´s like a big step. I needed to learn a new language. Had to leave my family, my friends. Start a new Life. With new opportunities. I choose a new way in my life. I am going this way. Making little steps and going forward.

I made a bad moves to. Like runining away from school and being a very bad person to my teacher. Well it was in Groundschool. I was a bad Kid… really. But kids, are just kids. Right? I went into multpile fights in Gymnasium. And there was a bigger one too. The last one. I went into a Pogo Dance and broke my leg. I went to another Pogo dance ( one year after it) and broke my Phone.

That were the bad moves. But i made a little moves too. I spoke to a lot of grils. I found my courage and just did it. Sometimes it went bad… but the other one went good and i made new friends 🙂 One of the girls i met was my Girl for the Prom Ball.

So… Just do it! Take your chances. Make your moves. Live!