I failed again

I said to myself i am going to write in english everyday…

But in the past 2 days i didn’t had any idea what should i write. But hey! You can write about anything!

Now i am sitting and thinking about it. I could write at Friday about comics and yesterday about Sony Conference.

Sony users can have now 3 games for free. All the people who have Ps Vita, Ps3 or Ps4. One game for each of these platforms. I am not sure which games but i think it was NFS Most Wanted for Vita, Mirrors Edge for Ps3 and Plants vs zombies for Ps4.

Pretty cool! But my PS Vita memory card has only 4 Gb… I need to buy a new sd card. These are pretty expensive. But buying a cheaper one makes no sense!

Oh! And there was this pretty XX Anniversary of Playstation One! Games were cheaper 🙂

I bought Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot. I am going to have great december 🙂

Last week at the University and i am going back to my homeland 😀


Here is the pic for the blog post 😉