I didn’t write for a long time.

I have no excuses.

Maybe a little.

I wasn’t sure if blogging in English language is the good way. I wasn’t really minded for the way of writing. The thing is if i start writing in english i can resonate with more people. I can learn the language. I can try to be better everyday. It’s hard. I know. But why not take a shot?

I wasnt really active in internet community. I was more of a lurking person. Why not change it?

I had the courage to write in my native language… but writing in a different one? Foreign?

In the past year a lot of changes happened.

I am a different person. I learned new skills. These need still to be mastered. But the thing is… i forgot to follow my dreams. I tried to follow dreams of my parents. And i wasn’t really happy with it. It was good… but it wasn’t the way i wanted.

Here i start. Again.

The inspiration to start again was this post on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/comments/2livoo/

I go back from the ashes like a phoenix.

I learned new skills. So i don’t use photos from the internet. I can create my own art 🙂


I know it isn’t great… but i try to master it. To be in this better every day.


Let´s Get Started

I am a Duck.

I am from Germany

Ich schreibe auf Deutsch und Englisch

Well i write more in Englisch. I am a duck. Understand me. I don´t write well. Im just a silly goose. Well my aunt is a goose. Im a Duck. Lets Face it. Every time i look in a mirror I see a duck.

The life as a Duck is hard, you know. You like in the mirror and see duck. Well i have a mirror for free when i look inside the Lake. Well the technology went forward and is a lot better now. A lot of people lose their phones in See and i use them. Last time i found a laptop in a lake so i started to write this blog. Im a duck. Just saying. Qua Qua